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Email Marketing In Ahmedabad Gujarat

Email id database of Ahmedabad Gujarat India

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Email marketing company in ahmedabad gujarat india

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Email Marketing Company Email Database of Ahmedabad all over Gujarat

Mass Email (also know as Email Marketing, Mass Email, Bulk Email) are a great way to stay in touch with existing customers and cross sell/up sell your products/services to a client base who has already done business with you.
we are providing email id database of Ahmedabad Students, Ahmedabad Industries, Ahmedabad Doctors, Ahmedabad job seekers and other field database of Gujarat and all over India.
we also send email campaigning for email marketing. If you want to send bulk emails please contact us for email marketing slutions in Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Extreme Features Of Mass / Bulk e-mail Marketing

Create and Manage Customer Databases
  ● Create multiple bulk email marketing distribution lists and manage future entries and changes with a click of the mouse. Your contact database can include names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, job titles, and other important information you need to know about your contacts.
Email Status
  ● Mass Mailer's new stats feature allows you to track how many of your emails have been opened. View how and when your email was opened allowing you to gauge the success of your bulk email marketing campaign
Import & Export Mailing Lists
  ● Import and export existing contact lists using tab, comma, and space-delimited formats. Our Mass Mailing Software is used for bulk email marketing can communicate quickly and easily with your most important customers, investors, partners, and suppliers.
Supports Multiple Mail Servers & Users
  ● Mass Mailer can be configured to work with a variety of mail servers within your office and can support multiple accounts to include all your users.
Personalized E-mail Messages
  ● Our Mass Mailing Software can esily send individually addressed html or text e-mails to each contact in your distribution list. Personalize your bulk email marketing message for use in e-mailing newsletters, discussion groups, and direct direct e-mail marketing campaigns.
HTML E-mails
  ● Mass Mailer is capable of sending both HTML emails and text messages, which allows you to create eye-catching graphics and images for your bulk email marketing newsletters, sales letters, and other marketing materials.
Batch E-mail Delivery
  ● Send your HTML or text bulk email marketing messages one at a time, or create and send separate e-mail batches.
Create Mail Exclusions
  ● Exclude and include any recipient in your distribution list. This ensures your message reaches the right target every time.
Rapid E-mail Delivery
  ● Mass Mailer's built-in mail server lets you send e-mail messages more rapidly and frees up your valuable system resources.
Email preview feature
  ● Lets you see how the emails will actually look before they're sent
Email attachments
  ● Allows you to attach a single file to be sent to all recipients.
Unlimited number bulk email marketing projects and e-mail names supported
  ● This capability means you can work with an unlimited number of clients or projects.
Mass Mailer allows you to insert as many fields from the database as you want
  ● Include the recipient's name, numeric data, text data, email address or other data.
Email Verification
  ● By using Mass Mailer's direct send feature Mass Mailer tests the authenticity of each email name before sending. After the session Mass Mailer will prompt the user to delete the invalid names or hosts keeping your email lists clean.
Data Base Management
  ● Manage you email names easily within Mass Mailer. Add, move, or copy one email or a group of names from one list to another. Locate and find an email name from within your groups.
  we also offer best email database of Ahmedabad mail ids and Gujarat Database for marketing companies.
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