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Live Chat Web Development Company in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Live Chat is industry leading chat software that facilitates real-time communication. With its superior feature set and unprecedented reliability, Live Chat increases the efficiency of the communication process. Hundreds of community and social networking websites worldwide are using Live Chat to provide real-time chat, moderated chat events with industry experts, online conferences, and more.

Features Of Live Chat Module For Website

Forum Integration
  ● The chat room can be fully integrated with your Website Toolbox forum, allowing your users to login to the chat room with their forum username/password and see a list of online chat users on the forum main page.
Private Messaging
  ● Also known as instant messaging, this feature allows two users to chat with each other privately.
Channel History
  ● When a user enters a new channel they have the opportunity to view the messages they might have missed prior to entering the channel.
User Accounts
  ● Users can create an account with a username and password within your chat room.
User Channels
  ● User channels are created by users and are automatically deleted when there are no users inside it.
System Channels
  ● System channels are created by the owner of the chat room and are never deleted.
  ● Bring your chat room to life with graphical smilies that users can insert into their messages.
Online Status
  ● Users can set their online status. For example, Away, Busy, Stepped Out, Available, etc.
  ● Built-in, customizable sounds bring your chat room to life.
Security Features:-
  ● User Account Approval
  ● Password Protection
  ● Channel Transcripts
  ● Private Message Transcripts
  ● Administrators
  ● Banning
  ● Ignoring
  ● Profanity Filter
  ● HTML Filter
* Domain & Hosting Does not included in this package
* Please Read Terms & Conditions

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