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DNG TRANSPORTATION Software Development Company

TRANSPORTATION / Vehicle Management Software

Transport Management provides a number of solutions for courier / parcel bookings. These include receiving client bookings via data entry, client onsite systems or through web bookings over the internet. These bookings flow into the radio dispatch area where the requirements are communicated to the delivery vehicles. When a booking has been completed, it moves into the booking review area for pricing adjustments. After the adjustments have been finalised, the booking is passed on to invoicing. The accounts system can then allocate incoming payments and keep track of debtors. An automatic status update for a booking may be sent back to the client either by email or the web.

As a developer of Transportation software we are working on transportation software since 2007 and we have served variuos types of transport softwares to all over India.


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Tools/Features of Transportation Management Software

  Cash Booking , Topay Booking and TBB Booking ,where customer can easily book there parcel .
  Rate Management
  There are freight , msft , Actual wt ,chargable weight ,wbc, handling charge ,Fov you can manage by your system via admin panel.
  Distance Management
  you can add distance variour your destination .(city)
  create document menifest as a same destination , and manage your transportation name ,mobile ,remark and dispatch details.
  Incoming Load
  There are you have to receive your incoming load and allot to parcel in your warehouse.
  Delivery Receipt
  there arer you have to create delivery receipt to your customer
  Intregration to email and sms
  send email and sms parcel booking ,delivery and document tracking.
  Fleet management
  Details of company or driver owned fleet are entered and managed within the system. Automated status updates via the internet allows your clients to track and trace their freight. Customer satisfaction will improve with immediate access to tracking data.
  Cash Flow Management
  Customer Invoicing – possible for specific requests for transport and shipping, as well as services sales or main fixed assets sales
  Customer Receivables Reporting
  Invoices payments – possible advance or partial payments
  Purchases Invoices -  by request, shipping or other purchase
  Payables reporting by Vendor (Carter)
  Payables reporting for purchases invoices
  Reporting of common expenses
  Account for VAT for sales and purchases

Ledger Accounting for every main business process

  Money transfers
Trasportation software automates the front-office, dispatch and back-office processes and includes a mobile application to capture in-field courier processes such as real-time delivery tracking, barcode scanning and signature capture.

Benefits of Transportation management System

  Improves customer service by providing real-time delivery information
  Reduces operating costs by enabling your clients to enter and track orders through the Internet
  Reduces billing and administration costs by automatically pricing orders and emailing invoices to clients
  Increases dispatch and driver productivity through more efficient dispatching and the use of the Courier Complete courier software mobile application

What our clients are saying about Transportation / vehicle Management Software

  • I was hesitant to computerize because I am not a computer genius; in fact up until I purchased Web Dispatch, I had never even used a computer!
    But the Transportation and vehicle management software at DNG WEB DEVELOPER were very helpful in the early stages and I am now proud to say that I have no difficulty managing my business with the Vehicle Management Software.
    DNG has saved me countless hours by replacing my manual rating, invoicing and driver settlement tasks with the online Transportation management software features.

    - Dipesh Barot, S.B. Roadlines

  • The Transportation Management Software easily pays for itself through the increased capture of warranty, campaign, and recall from the vendors and result in better maintenance of our vehicles.

    -Hiren Shah (Vehicle Manager), S.B. Roadlines

  • After using DNG Transportation / Vehicle Management software for over 4 years, the exceptional technical support and robust service validates the quality of my services to my customers. I would highly recommend DNG Transportation for any of their products.

    -Nayan Chavda

  • During the initial development of Our online Transportation Managment software, I engaged DNG to assist with a feasibility analysis and an application relevance review. The thoroughness of their efforts pointed me toward optimal web and database solutions that met my design criteria. The competence and creativity of their developers and programmers gave me the comfort to use them to develop my Transportation Software, integrate back end technologies and data bases, and to integrate a proprietary DNG store front into the framework of my site.

    - Bharat Patel (Managing Director), Ashapura Trade & Transport

We are one of the leading company in development of Transportation Management Software in Ahmedabad Gujarat. we are also providing online application, web baesd application, company in Ahmedabad Gujarat india

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