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DNG LOGISTIC / Cargo Software Development Company Ahmedabad India

Logistic / Cargo Management Software

DNG WEB DEVELOPER is a leading developer of comprehensive and user friendly logistics / Cargo software. We provide software for companies of all sizes within the Logistic, Cargo & Transportation Industry. Logisuite offers a complete portfolio of solutions including Inventory Control, Supplier Management, Third Party Logistics, Freight Forwarding Software, Cargo Tracking Software, Parcel Tracking Software, Domestics Freight, Pickup-Delivery, Purchase, dilevery run sheet, Order Management and more. Our Operations Software is fully integrated with Logistic Financials a complete accounting system designed for this specific industry.

We have various types of Logistic / Cargo / Parcel Tracking Software. Our expertise technical team have been working since 2007, so they easily understand your needs and successfully deliver the perfect Logistic / Cargo / Parcel Tracking Software for you.

We are from Ahmedabad but we serve Online software to all over india.


logistic cargo managment software

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Tools / Features of Logistic / Cargo / Parcel Tracking Software

Cash /Topay /TBB booking to all Parcel or containers
Complete all shipping documentation with ease
Manage freight , msft ,wbc ,handling charge , demerage charge and fov
Generate menifest to all same destination parcel
Incoming load receive and delivered report
Track and trace inventory movement across the world
Manage, use and retrieve all transportation data at the click of a mouse
Achieve complete compliance in documentation and other regulatory features
Automate mass quantities of transportation-related data
Send sms and email intrgration
Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions
Warehouse Management solutions
Management, processing, retrieval and storage of all shipping data
Optimized use of resources
Reduced inventory levels
Manage information across the supply chain efficiently
Improved customer service
Accurate orders and improved deliveries
Improved visibility of entire shipping process
Establish best practice workflow
Compliance with Export laws and regulatory requirements

Logistics or Cargo software is particularly helpful in a warehouse setting, as it allows a great deal of control over awide variety and volume of information. Some types of this software will allow barcode scanning, automatic reports and updates, and data retrieval functions. Inventory control software can help almost any type of business do better and keep ove rhead down, as lost merchandise,mixed up purchases and other types of avoidable problems are where most businesses lose money in the long run.
Web Based Logistic management software system mainly divided into 4 parts.
  Consignment Note
  Challan Manifest
  Challan Unloading
  Challan Payment Voucher
  Money Receipt -Paid C/N
  Money Receipt - Delivery C/N
  Freight Bill
  Supplementary Bill
  Ddr/ Crossing Bill
  User Administration
  Back up
  Consignor / Consignee
  Party and Item C/N Rates
  Crossing Challan Rates
  Consignment Note Books Branch
  Booking Point
  General Ledger
  Outstanding Register
  Outstanding Summary

What our clients are saying about DNG Logistic Software

  • We are consistently amazed by the power and simplicity of Logistic Software. I wanted to say that, because we keep finding new things that logistic software can do, and does do. I wish other software makers would be as concise and efficient as you. DNG Logistic Software really has been a good product for us, and we’re probably not even using half of what we know it can do, much less what we don’t know.

    - Shrikanth, Nexus One India Logistics & Courier

  • I’ve worked with DNG Logistics software product now for many years, and I have never worked with a server or technology which is as simple to use and just runs year after year after year. The only thing that changes is the increased capabilities. DNG's reliability, cross platform support, and incredible functionality amaze me. You all are to be congratulated.

    -Anand Shah, Gujarat Transport Services

  • I also wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your logistic software product and the latest features. It is wonderful to just set it up and not have to worry about it.

    - Dipesh Barot, S.B. Roadlines

  • We absolutely love our customized Logistic Software and would not be able to run our company without it! The software is fantastic. And everyone at DNG WEB DEVELOPER are always a joy to work with. I have nothing but the highest praise to pass along.

    - Jitendra, S.B. Roadlines Ahmedabad

We are one of the leading company in development of Logistic Management Software in Ahmedabad Gujarat. we are also providing online application, web baesd application, company in Ahmedabad Gujarat india

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