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DNG Online web based CRM Software Development Company Ahmedabad

What is a CRM ?

CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management software, is a business management tool which has been designed to help businesses organize all the information associated with their clients - from the marketing, to the first lead, to the point of sale as well as any ongoing support or follow-up. It can be used to create a total profile of the customer, which can then be accessed by other members of the organization, and allows the team of the organization to check out the schedule of each other, and also to network more effectively via the application.

We have more than 27 types of CRM software for web based CRM. We are having huge experience on CRM / ERP Software so our technicals are easily understand your needs and successfully executes all requirements. we are award winning CRM software Development company in Ahmedabad Gujarat India.


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Why Should You Use CRM in Your Business?
The issues regarding customer relationships also get increasingly complex when more than one person deals with a customer. It is very important for the person who is communicating with a customer to be completely familiar with the individual as well as their requirements, or, failing that, at the very least have all the information available.
Basic Features of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software are:
crm  Complete business process management cycles Like you can create your data , Lead , Prospect, customers
crm software  Comprehensive sales management with forecasting.
best crm software  Marketing management.
crm software download  Document management.
crm sofware developer  Time management.
best crm in india  Analytical tools.
  A multi-user environment
  Shared communications and calendar
  Management of contact as well as lead
  Automation of the sales force
  Email marketing and reporting
  Ability to customize the knowledge base
  A wide variety of reports (Data analysis ,marketing analysis , sales target analysis)
  Tracking of tasks
  Tracking of support
  SMS and Email Intregration to software
  Meeting arragemnt module
  Business intellgance & work flow managment
  Customer Services and support
  Employee management and panel
  Account and payroll management
  Create Reminders to call or Email Customers, Create Quotes or Create Invoices etc
  see at a glance the Tasks you need to perform today
  keep track of key sales leads
  Create Payment Reminders at the click of a button
  Run Reports eg Overdue Accounts, Monthly Sales Totals etc

Business Benefits Of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software
  360 degree view of business and Increased revenue and profits
  Organizational-level data sharing
  Reduce cost on customer acquisition
  Centralized customer interaction
  Improved customer support and Improved capture of sales leads
  Increase customer satisfaction
  High rate of customer retention
  Increase in time spend by sales person with your customers
  Increase in business results
  Improved communications
  Increase in the number of new customer prospects pursued by sales executive
  Increase in revenue per month per sales executive
  Boost new business
  Increase revenue at low cost
  Increased cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for existing customers
  Improved customer profiling and target marketing
  Find Customer Records & Customer History details all in seconds Mean save your time
  Send Standard Emails or Standard Email Replies including attachments

What our clients are saying about CRM Software

  • I have developed the Customized CRM and am absolutely delighted with it. I chose customized for my CRM because they provide an excellent product which helps me in my business to be more efficient, makes my work easier to manage and save me time and money

    - Bhavesh Bhensdadiya, National Assets Management Pvt. Ltd.

  • I have worked with the IT industry for many years and it is not often that you work with a firm that offers such genuine customer focused support...There are often times when they have offered support above and beyond what a customer would expect.

    -Jitu Patel, Divine Stocks

  • I recently developed CRM software from DNG WEB DEVELOPER, and first of all have to tell you I absolutely love it! After searching the internet for many months to find a product to fit my needs, DNG seems custom made for me. I especially like having the ability to see the customer total charges and outstanding balances. This CRM Software is unique to the industry as its ease of use makes it effective in the business as well as personal sector. The price is affordable for the self employed as well, and that is so appreciated. To train employees to use access. With CRM anyone can jump right in and start using it accurately. This Software is amazing to me!

    -Amit Patel, Metalab Enterprise

We are one of the leading company in development of CRM (customer Relation Management) Software in Ahmedabad Gujarat. we are also providing online application, web baesd application, company in Ahmedabad Gujarat india

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